March 26, 2023

“He was the best coach …”; Santos fans forget Sampaoli and ask for another ex-coach from Peixe to replace Oder Hellmann


Fans have posted posts highlighting the work he’s done on Alvinegro Praiano

© 1594Picture: Gabriel Machado/AGIVE – Santos fans are forgetting Sampaoli and asking for a Brazilian coach

On social media, coach Oder Hellmann is one of Santos’ most requested names. The team had a bad start to the season, being eliminated early in the first phase of the Campeonato Paulista and, therefore, is in danger of being excluded from the 2024 Copa Brasil tournament.

However, my fans saints They cited the name of another commander who had spent time at Villa under Rueda and had done a job which, in their opinion, would be better than Odair’s. This is Fabio Carrel. Fans have posted posts highlighting the work he has done on Alvinegro Praiano.

“Brazil’s table for the second round, with Karel only. The guy managed to take advantage of the Libertadores with this rubbish team, this team was 10 times worse than the current team.” “I criticized you a lot because you only played for one goal and then fell behind. Today I understand you have a plan, Babe Carell.”fan posted.

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF – Requested by Santos Carille

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“I think he’s a good coach. I don’t care about that offensive nonsense to his DNA. And he’s still undermining his job as a director of football.” “He was the best manager in management. Torcida got a ‘pipipi popopo’ and snapped. Then it was one worse than the other and we got here. There was a completely weird team, that worked a miracle not to drop. Now we have a coach who complains about the lack of training to play in Sao Paulo”saints claimed.

In terms of continuing the 2023 season, Peixe is still competing in the Copa do Brasil, Serie A of the Brazilian Championship and the Copa América. The expectation is that with this period of training that the team will have until the next departure date, the team can improve and change attitude and results in the sequence of the year.