September 26, 2023
"Head in place";  Andreas Pereira "does not shut up" and speaks after criticism at Flamengo

“Head in place”; Andreas Pereira “does not shut up” and speaks after criticism at Flamengo


The midfielder was one of the most criticized players in the current squad

Andreas Pereira is under fire at Flamengo (Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIF)
Andreas Pereira is under fire at Flamengo (Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIF)

a flamingo He beat Vasco in the semi-finals Carioca Championship. Midfielder Andreas Pereira was playing at the start, having failed in the last Clásico dos Milhos, at the start of Gabriel Beck’s goal. Replaced in the second stage and criticized a lot on social media 18 shirt “ignored” the criticism and sent a message of affection to the red and black fans.

“No use, too much Maracana! Singing nation like no other… It’s different… Head to where Sunday is more. Thanks for the support, we’re together!”, the midfielder wrote on social networks.

Shortly after the match, coach Paulo Sousa spoke about the difficult moment for the player, who has been criticized since his failure in the Copa Libertadores da America final, against Palmeiras, last year. The captain said the moment is to support the 18th jersey.

“In my opinion, we need to give confidence and focus on decision-making. All that is past that we cannot control. What lies ahead, yes, we can control. And we are working to make it more clear and clear to remove errors that can harm him and the team. It is A player with great character and the ability to overcome difficult moments (…) In Andreas Pereira’s moment it is important to play and revitalize. He is an influential player in the team. Unfortunately, there are aspects that did not make the synergy between him and the crowd the best. It is something that must We come back to it with clean, high-quality games. We need to motivate and posit all the players.”