February 5, 2023
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Health plans incurred a loss of R$5.5 billion in the third quarter

The National complementary health agency (ANS) updated the accounting results for health workers in the third quarter of 2022. The numbers were not encouraging. Medical Hospital Plans generated an operating loss of R$5.5 billion in the period.

The sector comes off a historic negative streak of six quarters with negative results, as well as a loss ratio close to 90%. In practice, this means that 90% of revenues are spent on expenses. In the second quarter of this year, losses amounted to R$4.4 billion, and in the first quarter R$1.1 billion.

The National Federation for Complementary Health (FenaSaúde) states that the scenario is “critical and troubling.” says Vera Valiente, CEO of FenaSaúde, which represents 14 groups responsible for 41% of market beneficiaries.

According to the entity, among the situational factors that most influence the outcome health insurance It is the increase in demand for medical procedures that have been dammed up during the pandemic, and the rising costs of inputs and mandatory coverage for “becoming increasingly expensive and complex” treatments and technologies, something that “tends to get worse with recent legislative changes.”

The CEO of FenaSaúde notes: “Resources are limited, and more and more, it is necessary to be strict in choosing what the system should or should not offer, on pain of running it and serving 50 million Brazilians is not possible “.