February 6, 2023

Health will be guided by “science and dialogue with the scientific community”

Posted on 1/2/2023 5:20 PM / Updated on 1/2/2023 5:21 PM

(Credit: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil)

the Health Minister Nicia Trindade, in his speech, on Monday (2/1), on what the new management of Vol. In his speech, he confirmed that the ministry would adopt the “republican dialogue” despite the political formula and the good passage with the president. He also emphasized that health is committed Strengthening the Unified Health System (SUS) and reducing inequalities.

For this, the former president of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) assured that her administration would not be “isolated”. One of the examples mentioned is the possibility of obtaining employment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “(MRE) It is a structural space for health diplomacy, and it is necessary to coordinate positions important to Brazilian politics. (…]Health must be part of all policies. My administration will be guided by collaborative action,” he assured.

Necia also stressed that her focus would not be on “Brazil that lacks,” but on what “Brazil still lacks,” referring to work to improve mechanisms of social exclusion. “Today we have new generations of leaders who are showing the importance of inclusive policies, quotas, etc. It is very important that these policies are put in place by the population,” he explained.

The goals Nísia has set for management are SUS promotion, vaccination advocacy, and portfolio coordination based on science. They have turned the various positions of the Ministry of Health into a conservative agenda and denial of science. He promised that our management will be guided by science and dialogue with the scientific community.”

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