December 8, 2022
Here comes the SUS Applied Research Fair: Management and Academia |  UFG

Here comes the SUS Applied Research Fair: Management and Academia | UFG

On 01/11/22 17:07. Updated on 01/11/22 17:09.

Text and art: Marina Souza

On November 9, next Wednesday, the Applied Research Exhibition on SUS: Management and Academia, promoted by Graduate Program in Public Health (PPGSC) From the Institute of Tropical Diseases and Public Health (IPTSP) of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). According to the PPGSC coordinator, Edsaura Maria Pereira, the exhibition aims to discuss the works produced by the students of the program, since the exhibition is part of and precedes the Sixth Scientific Expedition of the Goiás State Ministry of Health, which aims to discuss the applicability of innovations and technologies in SUS. Today’s topic is “Applicability of innovations and technologies in SUS”.

The event is based on the participation of professors from PPGSC, Professor and Coordinator Edsaura Maria Pereira, and Professor Elias Rassi Neto; Dean of Graduate Studies (PRPG/UFG), Philip Terra Martins; Deputy Coordinator of the Masters in Healthcare at PUC Goiás, Marina Aleixo Diniz Rezende; Chairperson of the Goiás Municipal Health Board (COSEMS-GO), Veronica Savatin Woutrich; Chairman of the State Council of Health (SES/GO), Venerando Lemes de Jesus; Supervisor of the Goiás School of Health (SESG), Vivian Lionel Casemiro Meirelles, and finally, Coordinator of the Medical Residency at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz/DF), Armando Martinho Pardo Raggio.

The exhibition will be in person and will take place in the auditorium of the Supervisory Authority of the School of Health of Goiás / SESG, located at Rua 26, 521, Bairro Santo Antônio – Goiânia -GO, from 8 am to 5 pm on November 9. . Health professionals from the state of Goiás, researchers, professors and students from teaching and research institutions, members of research ethics committees and managers are invited to participate in this event.

For more information on Flight Six, visit: Check out the SUS Applied Research Exhibition schedule at IPSTP page.