December 8, 2022
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Here’s how to set NUBANK’s PIX limit

Client nubank Limits can be set on the value of daily and overnight transfers made using pixel. Settings can be made through the “My Pix Limits” option. The tool offers users more security, considering that Pix has also been used for scams.

Learn how to set the Pix limit on Nubank

Very simple process. See step by step below:

  1. Access to the application nubank;
  2. On the main page, select “Pix Region”;
  3. Then press “Configure Pix” and then choose “My Pix Limits”;
  4. Once done, click on Edit and set the desired limits, both for day and night periods;
  5. Enter your password to confirm the transaction;
  6. Finally, wait for the necessary period for the change to take effect, which is 24 to 48 hours.

Nubank Trust List

Plus the option to change the transaction limit via pixelUsers can use the Pix Trust List. Through it, it is possible to determine which contacts can receive values ​​​​higher than the established limits at any time.

Learn how to do the following:

  1. access to the Nubank app;
  2. On the main page, select “Pix Region”;
  3. Then click “Configure Pix” and then choose “Trusted List”;
  4. Once done, press “Add Contact” and fill in the required data;
  5. Enter the 4-digit password to confirm the transaction;
  6. wait for the deadline to include the contact in the list, which is also from 24 to 48 hours after ordering;
  7. When the procedure is completed, a notification will be sent to the email provided in the application.

PIX can be scheduled

Client nubank Transactions can be scheduled via pix For frequently used keys. The new fintech function has been launched and it is available for Android and iOS users.

At first , recurring pix It only has a monthly frequency. Therefore, you will only be able to schedule one transaction per recurring key per month. News is released gradually, so it may take some time to reach you.

According to the digital bank, the intention is for the feature to bring more practicality to customers. “The Recurring Pix is ​​another innovation that we have implemented in our digital account and in the PJ account to give them more time to devote themselves to other activities, ensuring that their transfers are made safely and in the time frame they need,” explained Nubank Senior Account Manager Arthur Valladao.

Another novelty announced nubank This week it was Ticket Finder. The new tool will allow users to discover all bank vouchers issued in CPF and/or CNPJ.

The intent, not unlike the other supplier, is to provide flexibility to fintech clients. It is important to note that both services are available in the “Payment Assistant” area, which is available on the main screen of the app.

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