February 1, 2023
He's a hero!  Felipe Toledo wins the Bells and takes the lead in the world!  - 2022/04/17

He’s a hero! Felipe Toledo wins the Bells and takes the lead in the world! – 2022/04/17

There were 3 Australians against him. And after a complicated Saturday and a controversial ruling on the Brazilians, Felipe Toledo’s title was highly anticipated.

And it came… the best way, Philip Toledo.

The Rip Curl Pro semi-final – the fourth stage of the World Surf League calendar – was a totally atypical heat.

Filipe Toledo receives the affection of the Brazilian fans at Bells Beach

Photo: WSL

Due to the influence of nature, an important factor is always.

Easter started with good waves at Bells Beach. Smaller than yesterday, but with very typical top formations.

The women’s semi-finals continued as usual, but when the competition between Filippino and local Ethan Ewing entered, they simply disappeared.

Clever, the shirt 77 “gave its leaps”, or rather, two antennas in Merica … that defined the confrontation.

Ewing found almost nothing… and the amazing campaign throughout the event ended without any action being taken.

Then the direction of the race paralyzed the championship, which returned after 3 and a half hours.

Then, in a 100% “Australian” match, the FT’s opponent came out on top: Rookie of the Year Callum Robson, who, only on his fourth stage on the Tournament Tour, sent Jack Robinson and made it to the first final. his professional life.

Felipe - WSL - WSL

Filipe Toledo in another powerful tear in the fourth stage of the WSL world

Photo: WSL

The big moment has come.

World runner-up in 2021 … runner-up at the Bells in 2019 … with 27 years during the tournament.

Filipe – who already had a good lead at the top of the season – once again applied the game of winning over rights.

He varied the maneuvers, always in a subtle progressive style.

Final score: 14.74 to 12.94.

It was Paulista’s 16th decision in CT…the 11th title in the Elite.

To complement what might be called the “Australian Triple Crown”: Gold Coast Champion (2015), Margaret River (2021) and now Bells Beach.

Tyler - WSL - WSL

Tyler Wright (Australia)

Photo: WSL

In the ladies, the yellow lycra was changed to the leader after Bills Beach. By defeating Costa Rica Brisa Hennessy in the semi-finals, five-time champion and No. 1 of 201 Karissa Moore reclaimed the top spot.

In the final, Hawaii faced another Super Champion, “Local Champion” Tyler Wright.

CM in search of tetras in bells. TW looks forward to the unprecedented number of the bell on its most iconic trophy.

The third decision between the two is there.

And this time, Tyler wasn’t lost on it. He led the fight from the first minute, even putting his opponent in a group on the scoreboard… He simply broke everything that came his way… and won the cup by 16.93 to 10.57.

A victory more than deserved, and of course celebrated for her and her siblings Owen and Mickey, who followed everything closely.

The only Brazilian in the category, Tatiana Weston Webb, was eliminated in the round of 16, finishing in ninth and dropping from fourth to sixth in the general classification.

Felipe - WSL - WSL

Philip Toledo, a new world leader

Photo: WSL

Find out what the rankings were like after 4 stages.

In the men’s category, 4 Brazilians were among the top ten:

1. Philip Toledo – 24,440 points

2- Kana Igarashi (Japan) – 18.620 points

3. John John Florence (HAW) – 16,905 points

4. Kelly Slater (USA) – 15,980 points

5- Baron Mamiya (HAW) – 15,980 points

6. Callum Robson (Australia) – 15,770 points

7. Italo Ferreira – 15.480 points

8. Ethan Ewing (Australia) – 14,830 points

9- Cayo Ibili – 14,830 points

10- Miguel Bobo – 14,415 points

19. Samuel Bobo – 10,725 points

27, Joao Chompinho – 7,310 points

29. David Silva – 6,245 points

30. Judson Andre – 6,245 points

Carissa - WSL - WSL

Carissa Moore (HAW)

Photo: WSL


1. Carissa Moore (HAW) – 24,295 points

2. Tyler Wright (Australia) – 23,440 points

3- Breeze Hennessy (CRC) 23,440 points

4- Lucky Peterson (USA) – 19,105 points

5. Johann Davy (France) – 18,980 points

6. Tatiana Weston Webb – 17,830 points

Next stop from a tour – and the last one before the mid-season downgrade – will be in Margaret A river, also in Australia, but on the other side of the country, from the twenty-fourth.

In 2021, only Brazil appeared in Western Australia, with titles from Filipe Toledo and Tati Weston-Webb.

Felipe - WSL - WSL

Philip Toledo

Photo: WSL

We continued to alternate day into night, sleeping less than usual, but always with our eyes wide open during the early hours.

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