November 30, 2023
Hideo Kojima and Xbox Game Studios are working on a new project

Hideo Kojima and Xbox Game Studios are working on a new project

Hideo Kojima He is a man of rumors and in recent months has been involved in various speculations – from abandoned The the silent Hill. The game designer appeared in Show From Microsoft on Sunday (12) to announce an unprecedented partnership with Xbox Game Studios.

Many speculated that the overdose, The supposed horror game in which actress Margaret Qualley may be the hero, in the event – which turned out to be not so. This partnership may not be for life, but its debut on PlayStation consoles is still uncertain.

Hi everyone, this is Hideo Kojima. Yes, there is a game you have always wanted to play. It’s a brand new game that no one has ever tried or seen before. I’ve waited so long for the day I finally got to start creating it.

Thanks to Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud technology and changing industry trends, it’s now possible to challenge myself to do this never-before-seen concept. It may take some time, but I look forward to this partnership with Xbox Game Studios and hope to bring some exciting news in the future! Thanks!

In November 2019, Hideo Kojima stated that he intended to produce “the scariest horror game ever.”. It has not been confirmed whether the new project will focus on horror, but there is a possibility.

In addition to the new project, Hideo Kojima will be working on Death Stranding 2

It is worth noting that Hideo Kojima himself confirmed in an interview with Famitsu that he is currently working on two projects, One is ‘new and challenging’ and the other is ‘big’ – Probably Death Stranding 2As revealed by actor Norman Reedus. Check details!