High speed Internet connection in the region: Quebec cognera at the door of the telecoms

Branchement à Internet haute vitesse en région: Québec cognera à  la porte des télécoms

The minister Marie-Eve Proulx wants the telecommunication companies to make “an effort” and participate financially to the high speed Internet connection to every home in Quebec.

In an interview to the Sun, the minister delegated to the regional economic Development evokes the “social participation” that Quebec is entitled to expect of these private companies, who have benefited in the past from government grants to “all connections to the Internet in Quebec”.

“It would be the fun that we have a return of the share of telecoms, a participation. This is a wish that I make as minister, considering that it is they who have the expertise. We hope that they can invest in projects in the same way that the government invests.”

A meeting between the government of François Legault and the telecommunications companies in Quebec, such as Bell and Videotron, will take place over the next few weeks. The goal is to evaluate how we may be able to connect to the Internet at high speed in the order of 350 000 houses located in the region that do not yet have access by 2022, as pledged by the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) during the election campaign. “We are going to see how far they [telecom] are ready to go,” says Ms. Proulx.

The minister compared the current situation, where access to the Internet has become a basic need for all, the electrification of all residences of Quebec from the beginning of the last century. “Everyone has done his effort, it became a group project. It is necessary that everyone is involved”, she advocates.

The government Legault is also counting on the federal government’s programs to help it achieve its promise, which includes access to the cell phone throughout the territory. “We are working hard with the federal government is currently on it […] It is currently negotiating to have additional money for us,” says Ms. Proulx.

The CAQ has promised to invest $ 400 million over four years to connect all Quebecers. The minister Proulx finds the magnitude of the task to be performed in this folder, along with the minister of the Economy Pierre Fitzgibbon, and member of parliament for Orford Gilles Bélanger. “It’s going to take all kinds of technologies. It isn’t simple, because in some places, it remains one or two houses to connect. It is in this level of detail.”

The voice of the rurality

The new venue in provincial politics is on a mission to educate his colleagues in the ministry to regional realities. “My role is really that one. To bring the voice of the regions, rurality and to bring the notion of occupation of the territory.”

In the course of its mandate, it will be of particular interest to the issues of the regionalization of immigration and the relocation of civil service posts to the regions. Its objective : that the government “stop doing wall-to-wall” and will adapt the intervention to local realities.

Unable to rely on elected officers in the East-of-Quebec, the prime minister François Legault has appointed Marie-Eve Proulx minister responsible for three regions : Chaudière-Appalaches, Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine. A large territory to cover, which doesn’t scare off, however, not the main concerned. “I always like to see the opportunity in the challenge.”

Ms. Proulx believes that the people on the ground will not be losers, because she and her team are listening. “They know that I am not always there, and that I won’t be sitting on all committees, but they feel our presence.”



Very organised, Marie-Eve Proulx said to the comfortable in her new life as a minister, she is the mother of three children 2, 7 and 8 years and continues to train four times per week.

“In politics, everyone has an air of being busy, buried. At this time, I did not like that, on the contrary. It’s all in the art of managing priorities”, expresses it.

Before agreeing to stand for election for the Coalition avenir Québec, Ms. Proulx, 42 years old, was doing a triathlon and was training to complete an Ironman. “It is the notion of long-term effort. This is the parallel perfect with the policy.” If it has dropped the challenge of the Ironman for the time being, she said learn the disciplines of a different type of triathlon, the policy in this case, which includes her roles as mp, member of parliament and minister.

As well, Ms. Proulx does not see its mandate as “a sprint”. “When I was mayor [of Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud], it happened to me to lose the North. Where everything is a priority and there are plenty of forces that want their record to be the highest priority of priorities”.

It said today that it has learned from this experience. “We will not be able to change everything at once. An elephant, it is eaten one bite at a time”, she said with assurance.

Company dormant

Since she was elected, Ms. Proulx has put in dormant his business of coach and management consultant. The one that had a very flexible schedule is no longer master of his time. But she asked his team to let up a bit. “It’s less time with my family, but there is time and it is up to us to choose. Me, I do not want my children to call me ma’am.”

For the rest, it can rely on a “spouse gold” and his parents, who live across the street from her, in her natal village of Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud.

Ms. Proulx has lectured in recent years on the role of women in politics and on the conciliation with the role of mother. Nearly 100 days after being appointed minister, his speech remains the same. “It is very doable.”

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