Hillary Clinton spoke about the actions of her husband after the scandal, because Lewinsky

Former U.S. Secretary of state spoke about the scandal involving her husband bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Гілларі Клінтон висловилася про дії чоловіка після скандалу через Левінські

Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CBS on 14 October that her husband bill Clinton did the right thing by refusing to resign after the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

On the question of cost Clinton to resign after having an affair with Lewinsky, the wife of the former President replied in the negative.

She also agreed that it was “abuse of power”.

According to Clinton, Monica Lewinsky “was an adult” at the time the head of state.

As reported Кореспондент.net 3 Sep Lewinsky left the interview in Jerusalem with the question about bill Clinton.

Recall that in 1998, the public became aware of a sexual relationship between Lewinsky and then US President bill Clinton. In the midst of the scandal, the head of state barely managed to avoid impeachment.


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