Hip-hop: the urge to explore Jo Harbec

Hip-hop: l’envie d’explorer de Jo Harbec

After several years to occur in a group, the rapper farnhamien Jonathan Harbec had a desire to explore other horizons. This Friday, we will present the fruit of its labour with the release of his first solo album, Faces.

“This album joined me a lot. This is me at 14 songs, ” he says bluntly.

A member of the collective LDF and then the group FuZion, the rapper is immersed in the style for a good ten years. “By the end of 2017, I felt that I needed a break. I needed new inspirations, to live new business. It has allowed me to reinvent myself “, he says.

Emerge as a style “less aggressive and whistleblower” and a bill “a lot more polished,” he argued. “I believe that on the 14 tunes, there are only two that are more violent. “

Even The Killing is not so hate, in spite of its title fairly earth-shattering. “This is more of a parody of some of the rappers of the new generation that dirty in my opinion, the hip-hop culture. They have no content, they just want to shock, ” says the one who calls himself Jo Harbec.

The rest, he says, it is permitted to search different aspects of his personality. “The joy, the sadness, the loneliness, my carelessness… “

The rapper, 33-year-old also enjoyed exploring many facets of the musician that he is. “When you’re in a group, you can least do what you please, go anywhere else in term of sound. There, I touched it to the rap, singing, beatmaking, composition, to the realization… I really loved. “

It is for these reasons, and because it wanted a bilingual title, that he titled his offering Faces.

Two good shots

Jo Harbec has certainly hit a good shot in getting a collaboration with No Pressure on Livin’ my Life, but its first single, “Give it Back, which is attached Jamhaitian, is not at rest, he has already been heard in many bars and on the airwaves of several radio stations with our neighbours to the South. “I made my tune is available on a DJ Pool, and I received a message telling me that it had been played in 11 bars and 7 stations of american radio, including the radio, Penn State University, which is not bad top, according to me,” says the Farnhamien.

Directed and produced in her studio in Farnham, the album benefits from a good boost in the level of distribution, thanks to the box Propaganda. It will be as well available in several record stores and Wal-Mart in Quebec. You can of course also be available online.

Two launches will take place, first in Longueuil, on the 25th of January in the Bar Area 132, and then to the public Market Station gourmet, the 8th of February next. Free Admission.

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