March 30, 2023

Hit the hammer! March arrives with GREAT news for Brazilians through Nubank

Credit cards are one of the main payment methods used by Brazilians. However, not all consumers can access a suitable credit line using the tool. In this sense, Nubank has created the “Build Limit” feature, which aims to help customers who need a higher margin.

See how it works below!

Building Nubank Limited

In practice, this function is intended to help passive consumers, those with a history of debt or those with low incomes. In this way, customers can build a relationship with Nubank so that a higher credit limit can be released later.

To do this, it will be necessary to order a card through the fintech application, after that, select the option “Reserve value max”. With this said, if, say, R$100 is held, R$100 is also released to be used for credit.

“With the Build Limit Function Card, in a simple and practical way, we have already been able to unlock pre-approved limits for more than 5 million people who had little access to credit,” said Livia Chance, Nubank’s President of Operations in Brazil.

In this way, after paying the bill, the limit will be released immediately. The job is a great way to create a relationship with Nubank, as resources provided by the organization are used.

According to Fintech, more than half of customers who use the tool correctly managed to increase their cap in just one month. So, if you’re negative, don’t miss this opportunity to get a credit card with no annual fee.

Function to build limit x prepaid card

Nubank claims that the create a limit card is different from a prepaid card. It turns out that by using the resource, the customer is able to build a financial history with the company, since the card is used correctly, bills are paid on time, helps the fintech better understand consumer behavior.

“With this card, after holding a maximum Nubank account amount, you will be able to make purchases in person and online, locally or internationally, with cash or installments,” said the digital bank on its official website.

“After you book an amount to use as a limit, using your card will generate invoices and your payment information can positively influence your credit analysis in the future, helping us to better understand your behaviour, i.e. your chances of getting a higher approved limit.” Nobank pointed out.