Homophobic comments: David Godbout apologizes [VIDEO]

Propos homophobes: David Godbout s'excuse [VIDÉO]

Times are very hard for the president and brawler of the Maroons, David Godbout.

After controversy surrounding its decision to dismiss assistant coach Olivier Laliberté last week, here is the video of a fight that he delivered in Bécancour, on the 28th of December, has just made its appearance on the web through the site danslescoulisses.com. In fact, it is mostly about that it holds after the battle that hold the attention.

Then he is escorted out of the ice, Godbout, mad with rage, deals with Marc-André Côté, with whom he comes to fight, “fag” and “homo” through a few swear words well felt. A scene unsightly.

Monday morning, Godbout ended up in the storm. Everyone wanted to talk to him, that it is the people that he works with the Maroons, the leaders of the Ligue de hockey senior AAA du Québec and even members of the media.

But Godbout has called himself to be the Voice of The Is to explain. The evil, however, was done.

“I apologize sincerely for what I said, he mentioned. In the heat of the action, often things are said that one regrets that one does not think, and I regret it so much, you may not know. I have friends in the homosexual community and I have absolutely nothing against gays. It was no matter what, my case. I apologize, I apologize again…”

Godbout, however, will bear the consequences of their actions. He had to speak with the president of the LHJAAAQ, the Valois, Michel Dorais, Monday afternoon. He will be fined… to a minimum.

Roy: “It is not said”

Then, joined by the author of these lines, Christian Roy, the real boss of the Maroons, was quick to disassociate itself from the remarks of its president.

“This is not said, of things like these, has introduced the co-owner. I condemn the words of David, of course. For the rest, I am in a period of reflection in relation to his association with the team.”

But whatever Roy decides, Godbout has himself decided to “take a step back”.

“I’ve become a negative distraction for the Maroons, an organization that I have so much at heart, he confessed. I’m going to take my distances, I am going to withdraw for a time. The arrival of David Lapierre, and our great victory of the week-end had brought back the positive and there, this is a story we broke out the face. I need to make me forget a bit…”

In fact, he seems condemned to do so.

Attention, the images and the words contained in this video may be offensive to some people.

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