September 24, 2022
"honeymoon...";  In love, Virgínia and Zé Felipe post a picture together that's driving the web crazy

“honeymoon…”; In love, Virgínia and Zé Felipe post a picture together that’s driving the web crazy


The couple once again filled the web with lots of love and affection on Wednesday (24)

Reproduction / Instagram Virginia
Reproduction / Instagram Virginia

Romance on a Wednesday night (24). Adores, Virginia and Philippe She appeared in a romantic photo on the famous Instagram. Zé and Virgínia made sure to share everything they experience with their followers, and this time was no different. The web quickly went crazy with so many comments and compliments about the couple expecting another girl.

In the photo, the influencer says: “Enjoying Ourselves As If It Was A Honeymoon Or It Would Just Be The Moon”She described the mother for the second time in her Instagram comment. Recently, her mother-in-law Poliana Rocha revealed that her husband, Zee’s father, Leonardo, was crying for not getting used to the idea of ​​the closest son leaving home to live with the blonde, who is now the mother. of his granddaughters.

After the post, his followers filled him with likes and comments like: “Beauty, have fun”, written by a fan. Another follower said: “I love you”. Virginia on social networks causes a very cute appearance with her daughter, Maria Alice, as on the last trip, to her grandmother’s house where the two matched dresses, melting the web with love.

Zee Philippe, who lives a less crowded life, was clearly enjoying the moment, as the singer announced – some time ago – that he would be cutting back on stage time to spend more time with his family and alongside Virginia, who is pregnant with the couple’s second daughter.