July 22, 2024

Horizon: The Forbidden West is inundated with negative reviews

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Imagem de: Horizon: Forbidden West está sendo inundado com avaliações negativas
Imagem de: Horizon: Forbidden West está sendo inundado com avaliações negativas

Horizon: Forbidden West Last Friday (18), and over the weekend, he apparently became the target of a campaign”sbombing previewIn other words, there appears to be a coordinated action to flood address profiles on websites with negative (user) reviews. like metacritic. Ratings for the game are still positive, but all the recent comments are very negative.

source: Metacritic

Generally, this type of campaign is done as a form of protest. In the comments, players complain about several aspects, such as the large number of similarities with the original and the amount of view. Many say it’s one of the worst games of 2022.

Horizon: Forbidney West was well received by critics.Horizon: Forbidney West was well received by critics.source: Play Station

There are those who speculate that the way to sell Sony forbidden west Also the motivation to work. For those who don’t know, Sony offers two packages that are considered “standard” for the game: the cost of one 299.90 BRL It includes the PS4 version, as well as a free upgrade to the PS5 version; Other costs 349.90 Brazilian Real It includes versions of PS4 And the PS5. That is, the two packages are basically the same, but one of them is more expensive.

PS Store image, if accessed via a browser.PS Store image, if accessed via a browser.source: PS Store (Brazil)

This sales model was naturally opportunistic, as less knowledgeable people might be tempted to buy the more expensive option – not least because the 349.90 BRL package is what’s offered in the store and is the only “standard” that appears if the store is accessed on PS5.

However, so far, few user reviews mention the sales model. Therefore, we cannot say with absolute certainty what triggered the campaign bombing review – or even if there is a specific reason. We’re also not sure where it started, though the 4Chan forum mentioned.

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