November 29, 2022
Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster in production [rumor]

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster in production [rumor]

remastered from Horizon Zero Dawn It will be a multiplayer casual game from the franchise in production for PS5According to the gates MP1st And the VGC. According to rumors, this “new” game was to have the visuals of character models reworked to be similar to those in Forbidden horizon west.

In addition to focusing on looks, improvements in lighting, improved textures, more fluid animations and different accessibility options will be part of the plans. The question between viewing the remaster or its remake is still uncertain, but the gameplay will undergo small changes, according to the source.

The Horizon Zero Dawn remaster will also have support for VRR (or variable refresh rate) and more resolution modes available for players to choose from. The port will take full advantage of the console’s existing DualSense and Sony technologies.

About the supposed multiplayer, Portals didn’t get any more in-depth information about the modes, but the episodic franchise is expected to come to PS5 and PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster is a rumor

The Horizon Zero Dawn remaster, as well as potential multiplayer, should be treated as rumors. Guerrilla Games opened vacancies last year for recruitment Experienced MMORPG developersHowever, the studio has not confirmed that it is preparing anything of this kind, or any remaster, in an official manner.