October 3, 2023
‘Vovós gostosas’ dão baile em muita jovem por aí, sem deixar de curtir netos e cuidar da mente e saúde

“Hot grandmothers” dance for many young people, while enjoying their grandchildren and taking care of their sanity and health

Have you ever heard the saying that 60 is the new forty? And the new 70’s 50? But, in addition to appearance, in practice the elderly show that age, is often on their mind: they enjoy clubbing, they take care of their health and the best, they are always there to teach their grandchildren the pleasures and resentment of the experience of living in this land. This Grandparents’ Day, July 26, we’ll meet some people who don’t go unnoticed at Campo Grande.

when it became grandmother, Administrative Secretary Selma Battista de Carvalho, 56, was only 40 years old. Currently, she already has three granddaughters: Maria Eduarda, 16, Isabel, 13, and Dominic, 10, and since then, she describes living with her granddaughters as a “gift from God” and says she never left to do it. Everything he loves, as well as frequenting the places he loves.

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Salmaha with her granddaughters when they were young. Photo: personal archive

“When the grandson arrives, we feel a little silly, we love that little thing. And when he calls us grandma, that’s so affection, that caring, I can’t even explain it. In my case, I don’t have the routine of being together during the week, it’s more on the weekends.” On a daily basis, I am at work and do my own water aerobics,” he said.

However, Salmaina, as she is known, on her cell phone, maintains direct contact with her children and daughters. “We talk about everything, we joke. People think that all grandmother is old and she is not. Age is in the mind. I can say that we are becoming more experienced and kind, but I keep doing everything. I go from bars with my friends to bars,” he said.

Marumbera Yes! And “granny drooling” too!

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Leela has 3 grandchildren. Photo: social networking / reproduction

Just go to the reception at the gym, in the neighborhood of Santa Luzia, where Lella Bravo Pimenta, 53, begins to draw attention. a little time After visiting the place, some people knew it was already grandmother They were amazed, joking that Laila “gives a lot of little girls a dance”. However, she notes that, for more than a decade, she has been doing weight training with the goal of just enjoying a quality of life.

“I have three grandchildren, ages 1-6. I really enjoy being with them and share my time well. I don’t miss the gym, at least three times a week. I also eat well. All this comes with results some days they were playing with me.” Saying, “Grandma has a leg” or “She’s getting better.”

Grandma Laila, who has been a widow for some time, says she has been dating for a while, but is now single. Summarize “Going out with friends and having fun”.

A sports grandmother participates in competitions and takes the grandchildren for a run

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The retiree takes the grandchildren to the race. Photo: montage/mediamax magazine

The third and last grandmother he met media She is the “owl, partner and athletic” grandmother. At the age of 74, she juggles her family life and often visits her boyfriend who lives in the interior of São Paulo. The relationship lasted almost 20 years, and since he is still engaged, they each live in their own house.

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Photo: social networking / reproduction

Retired bank writer Elsa Cazu Aratani Marinho lives in Campo Grande, where she lives with her children and grandchildren. The youngest is 10 years old and the great granddaughter is about to turn 26. He joked, “I’m always there. I helped take care of everyone and only stay away from my grandchildren when I travel. We enjoy each other so much. It’s such a passion and I always follow their every step.”

In this way, also considering her health, Elsa assures that she “does everything” at home, in addition to functional training and running 5-7 kilometers, at least 3 times a week.

“Exercise is hard and there’s also running, but I love it. I can’t stand still and take my grandchildren with me. Of course, I took a break when I needed cataract surgery and take care of my knee,” he said.

Both in Campo Grande and within São Paulo, Elsa says she has many friendships. “I like to enjoy life. I have friends from many places. There are many classes, and sometimes I can’t even keep up. But I run, I travel, I enjoy my grandchildren. Of course I have limitations, because I am 74 years old, but I really enjoy life. I Well,” he concludes.

Older people are only growing

The third age, that is, from the age of sixty, is only growing. to me IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), in 2043, more than a quarter of Brazil’s population will be over 60 years old. All this is due to the better situation in which the elderly live, which indicates how important health is. Who wants to get there and prevent typical aging diseases, here are some tips:

  • Healthy food
  • physical exercises
  • Don’t forget to drink water
  • Always get a good night’s sleep
  • Do a medical follow-up
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Lily at the gym in Campo Grande. Photo: social networking / reproduction

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