January 27, 2023
How can I become a member of Nubank?  know how it works

How can I become a member of Nubank? know how it works

Expanding business and opening new horizons, Nubank will be available financial technology stocks On the stock exchange until December 10. To simplify its project, Nubank NuSócios has developed and has already submitted an application to the Securities and Real Estate Commission – CVM for a permit to be able to trade BDRs (certificates representing shares).

Through NuSócios, fintech will provide up to R$22.9 million in equity for your customers Free. Each customer will be entitled to one BDR, which corresponds to 1/6 of Nu Holdings’ ordinary Class A share. Class A stock holders are entitled to one vote at meetings and shareholders. in a Recordings of clients started on the ninth of last November.

How to become a member of Nubank

The standards set by Nubank are relatively customer oriented. Thus, to register and get a stake, you must be an active customer on the platform. The account cannot be banned and it is not acceptable that the customer has debts with the company.

Moreover, it is necessary that the person had an operation within 30 days prior to registration. Roles will be given in Recording command. The granted shares can only be traded 12 months after their grant.

Thus, during this period, Nubank customers who have purchased their shares will be able to get acquainted with the stock market.

How to register

To register, you must access your application or Location From Nubank, go to the “Learn More” option in the description marked on the screen. Then click “I want”. Some videos will open to explain how it works.

At the end of the tutorial, click “I want to participate in NuSócios” and log in to Nubank. Your registration will require some registration data which will eventually end with an email being sent to you. BDR certificates will be awarded until the limit set by fintech has expired.