March 25, 2023

How did Brandon Lee, son of star Bruce Lee, die?

the actor Bruce Lee He had two children named Shannon Lee, who is still alive, and Brandon Lee. As his career skyrocketed, Brandon got into an accident while filming the sequel to the classic movie ‘the crow‘, which led to his death.

In one scene, his character would walk into an apartment and find his fiancée [email protected] by criminals. Michael Massey played one of the thugs, who was supposed to shoot Lee.

Everything went as planned, but at the moment of filming, something went wrong and Lee fell to the ground in an unsettling fashion. Brandon was hit by a real shell and died ten hours later on March 31, 1993.

The incident shocked the film industry at the time, and unfortunately it was repeated again during the filming of “Rust” when actor Alec Baldwin accidentally hit director of photography Helena Hutchins.

The bullet passed Hutchins’ abdomen, causing his death hours later. The pistol used in the recording should have been loaded with blank ammunition, but it was loaded with a . 44 caliber shell.

Cinematic repertoire is used to make scenes look more realistic. It contained only gunpowder, not the piercing tip. Michael Massey, who fired the shot, was deeply shocked at the time.

It was a huge loss for the fans and for the cinema.

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