December 2, 2022

How do I borrow money from Caixa Tem? simple and easy

In 2022, Caixa Econômica Federal announced loans to entrepreneurs. The loan is provided through the Caixa Tem bank application and exists for the purpose of stimulating entrepreneurship in the country. It is very practical to order the service and it is served to various audiences.

One novelty of the Caixa Tem loan is the ability for people with a negative CPF to apply for credit. That is, anyone with the dirty name can access the service. This is also valid for Auxílio Brasil recipients, who can use the Demand Loan.

Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs (MEIs), i.e. legal entities, individuals can apply for the loan through Caixa Tem. As long as the money is used to invest in the business. It’s not a personal use asset, as Caixa has already made clear.

In light of this, many people are struggling to access the Caixa Tem platform and apply for the loan. Read this article to learn how to hire the service.

Caixa Tem offers credit to entrepreneurs, whether they are individuals or legal entities (MEI) – Credit:jeanedeoliveirafotografia/

How to apply for a loan through Caixa Tem

Since the launch of Caixa Tem Loan, some users have reported difficulties in contracting the service. In fact, the idea is that the granting of credits is done quickly and practically, without the need for the person to go to the branch of Caixa Econômica Federal.

For this, first of all, it is necessary to have a Caixa Tem account. The app can be installed on Android devices or on iPhones with IOS system. Through this link you can access the official version of ferrante, which is available in virtual stores:

Once you are registered and logged in, you can apply for the loan. In some cases, some people will need to update their registration data before a Caixa Tem loan can be issued. When that happens, a message will appear on the home screen asking for an update. Just click on the message and follow the steps.

Next, just look for the loan request option on the Caixa Tem main screen. The application will send a form to the customer to fill in some information, about the amount they want and the purpose of the money. Once he fills in his details, the bank sends him a contract with terms. It is important to read the document before clicking on the option to accept the terms.

Once this is done, the bank will analyze if credit can be allowed. Thus, the user will receive a notification from Caixa Tem informing him if the loan has been released, as well as its terms.

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The loan is different from the sender

In this light, the loan offered by Caixa Tem is different from the loan offered by Auxílio Brasil. While recipients of the cash transfer program can apply for the loan through the application, the services fall into different categories. At the moment, the shipment can only be ordered in person at the Caixa branch.

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