February 1, 2023

How do you choose a pet health plan? 🇧🇷 SEGS

Pet health plans range in price from R$14.99 to R$307.99, plus there is a payment option.

Disease prevention in pets has increased the incentive to seek out health plans that specialize in pets. With values ​​ranging from R$14.99 to R$307.99, the service covers vaccinations, exams, consultations, and surgeries.

Estimates from the Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry (Abinpet) state that Brazil has around 81 million dogs and cats. Preventive consultations and testing extend the life expectancy of pets, according to veterinarian Raphael Climaco.

But how do you choose a pet health plan?

The veterinary director of Plamev Pet, a dog and cat health platform, Clímaco says that in addition to the price, the educator should be aware of the coverage included with each method and an approved mesh option.

“Since it’s a growing market in Brazil, those responsible for pets also need to keep an eye on the uptime of the company and the reputation of the service provided,” he explains.

In addition to preventive care, the plan chosen should include emergency support, ensuring access to optimal treatment when the animal needs it most.

“With a good price, good service, and coverage for procedures, the pet has just about everything, but it is essential to consider which clinics and hospitals serve the plan,” says Clímaco.

Plamev Pet, created in 2013, operates throughout Brazil and offers the possibility of reimbursement, allowing teachers, even if they are outside the coverage area, to take their pets to the clinic of their choice.

“When a pet gets sick, the whole family suffers together, afraid of losing their pet. With compensation, the guardian has the security of being able to choose the clinic they trust and guarantee the best care for the pet,” comments Pedro Svachina, CEO of Plamev Pet.

The executive also points out that in addition to peace of mind, a pet health plan also helps avoid expenses. He cites some examples, such as puppies, who depend on more regular checkups and vaccinations.

“Some breeds have a predisposition to hereditary comorbidities or a history of chronic diseases, which requires more attention and sometimes more expense with consultations and exams, so when the groomer adds up the amount invested in the procedures and compares it to the monthly fee, he realizes that a pet health plan is more beneficial.” .