May 28, 2023

How do you create metaverse characters using artificial intelligence? Inworld solves it!

This technology enters all spheres of human life, as everyone already knows, but now we have another novelty associated with this that can change everything. Today, new information unites artificial intelligence and games, as well as the metaverse. Keep reading and knowing How to create metaverse characters using AI.

Inworld Studio platform

Creating characters for games and the metaverse is very complicated. There are several steps to the process to be achieved, as well as for the character to get to the end result, especially for the producers who really care about it.

However, everything changed with the Inworld Studio platform. With it, it is possible to create characters with different personalities and appearances, depending on what you want and with context awareness. Best of all, in addition to this ease, is the possibility to get started for free!

You may target the capabilities of the platform games that we already know, that have distinct features, or to the metaverse.

It is worth noting that the metaverse is a virtual world that attempts to simulate reality, and this can be done through digital devices to be able to replicate our world. Many influencers, such as Lucas Rangel, have already invested in participating in this new world.

The cost of creating a character in this reality is very expensive, so using the Inworld Studio platform can be very interesting for anyone who wants to join this novelty.

How does the platform work?

Inworld Studio allows the user to create characters through AI in just a few minutes. For this purpose, natural language prompts (requests or requests) and simple controls are used to configure the desired personality of the doll.

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To make it as real as possible, you can describe your character’s history, memories, knowledge base, speech, voice, and more substantial information about your avatar.

In this way, your game or character Metaverse It will allow for greater immersion and connection, as multimedia AI is designed to mimic every form of human communication.