July 14, 2024

How do you gain muscle after 40? Discover the best foods

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How do you gain muscle after 40?  Discover the best foods
How do you gain muscle after 40?  Discover the best foods

a Increase muscle mass It can become increasingly difficult after the age of 40. Muscle growth has some difficulties especially for people who are not accustomed to exercise. What happens is that after the age of 40, testosterone levels tend to decrease gradually, but this is the hormone responsible for muscle regeneration.

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The loss of lean body mass after 30 years typically reaches 3% per decade. This event has a name and is called sarcopenia. In general, the average person can lose 30% of muscle during their lifetime. However, there are ways to get good results at almost any stage of life.

How to build muscle after 40 years

The process of building muscle after the age of 40 is a balance between exercise and food. If done in an orderly manner, the gains will be visible and health will thank you. After all, it has already been proven that active people, with good nutrition, live longer than others.

Research from McMaster University in Canada demonstrates how each stage of life requires changes in diet. The study demonstrated that people in their 40s who increased their protein intake achieved 10% more strength and 25% more muscle. The comparison was made between people who continued to eat the same amounts normally.

Furthermore, those men who ate whole, simple carbohydrates, and had a higher glycemic index, had better responses. In this case, food was eaten shortly after routine exercise.

Supplemental consumption of vitamin E, C and D, magnesium, selenium and potassium is indicated. So it is worth eating more oats, cherries, almonds, fish, tomatoes, soybeans, eggs and milk.


The information in this text is for information only, and is not about ready-made recipes for gaining mass or changing your diet on your own. That is, always look for a professional in the area to receive the right guidance.

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