June 7, 2023
C6 Carbon

How do you know if C6 Carbon is available to you

Launched in 2020, Carbon is a card for high-income customers in C6 . Bank Which have unique advantages and features. It is precisely because of this uniqueness that many people also want to have this version of financial technologyHowever, to get it, the applicant must meet certain criteria.

Limit credit Among the main requirements to own or not own a C6 Carbon. Last year, it was possible to upgrade with an available balance of R$5,000. Now, the benchmark is R$10,000 and the user is still subject to credit analysis.

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How do you know if a C6 Carbon can be ordered?

You can try to upgrade at any time through the C6 Bank app, just go to the Cards area and then Change Type. On this screen, the cards that the digital bank offers to customers will be displayed.

If the “Request Card” option appears at the end of the C6 Carbon’s features, it’s because the card is available to you. If not, you need to reevaluate your credit limit and profile.

Some of the strategies to increase your limit at C6 Bank are to update your monthly income and wealth information, as well as ensure that your bills are paid on time.

Another alternative for those who want to get 10,000 BRL credit is to invest in a CDB credit card. This 1 to 1 investment converts the applicable amount into the bank’s credit card limit. However, if the amount is refunded, it will also be subtracted from the card limit.

As a mid-range option, C6 Bank also launched the C6 Bank Mastercard Platinum, which lacks some carbon benefits, such as access to VIP lounges and improved results in the Atoms program. On the other hand, this version has no annual fee. Check the full details of the card here.

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Photo: clone/c6 bank