March 31, 2023
How do you prevent personal data from being leaked by apps?

How do you prevent personal data from being leaked by apps?

The multinational Google has removed 17 apps from the Play Store that had malware responsible for screen capture and theft of passwords, PIN numbers and banking details, alarming users. Android around the world. With this in mind, we have included tips to avoid using apps with malware that can lead to data leak on your device.

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How to protect yourself from data leakage over the Internet?

Here are some tips to avoid malicious apps invading your personal data:

1. Download apps from the Play Store platform.

While it is almost impossible to guarantee that all apps are safe, the Play Store is the official app store for Android and often goes through security checks periodically. In this way, corrupted applications are more commonly scanned and deleted from the platform. With this in mind, always choose to download them directly from the Play Store, not from unknown websites.

2. Avoid apps from unknown developers.

Application development companies can be easily found on Google or on your favorite search engine. We recommend that you choose to download apps from well-known and trusted companies, or if this is not possible, read reviews from the respective developer before downloading.

3. Do not download apps with low total install count.

Infrequently installed apps tend to have low ratings, hence less security check of device data. It can also be developed by less secure companies. However, it is preferable to choose applications that have already been tested and improved.

4. Always read user feedback comments.

Applications must be constantly updated, responding to requests and complaints from users who usually leave their impressions in the comments of the virtual store. This way, always read the reviews of the app you want to download. There, you will be able to evaluate whether the bugs and ‘bugs’ have been fixed and if there are any security flaws, thus you can judge whether it has been downloaded or not.