December 5, 2023

How does Hebe Camargo’s only heir live?

Marcelo Camargo with his mother, Hebe

Marcelo Camargo with his mother, Hebe

Photo: playback / Instagram

Youtuber Marcello Camargo, son of Hebe Camargo, said that although he is the heir to the TV star, he lives a simple life, without great luxuries. Now 58 years old, he said he doesn’t even have a health plan.

Hebe passed away in 2012 and was one of the biggest stars of Brazilian television. She left her only son as her main heir.

The one who managed the fortune left behind by Hebe was Claudio Bisotti, nephew of the lieutenant colonel, but he ended up dying of complications from the coronavirus.

“Whether he is sincere or not, we will not judge. I leave it in God’s hands. I trusted and that was the case,” Marcelo said in an interview with Channel Juana Maria.

He added, “The moment I live in is not in abundance. I live in a simple, though comfortable house.”

Eleven years after his mother’s death, he finally has access to the collection I left her. According to him, now everything is under his tutelage.

Among the items in the collection are jewelry, shoes, handbags, and trophies.

“Anything they do about Hebe has to be authorized by me,” Marcelo explained. One idea is to create a museum aimed at fans of the presenter.

Hebe also left, according to Marcelo, five Mercedes. Three of them belong to Helena [a viúva de Cláudio Pessutti] And two with me. He announced that the intention was to sell at least one of them.

Hebe died after suffering from peritoneal cancer at the age of 83. She has spent most of her career as an SBT presenter.

Source: EditoraTerra