December 5, 2023
"O que eu sinto", Ana Maria banca a sincerona com atriz de Pantanal e reação impacta: "Nem fritar um ovo"

“How I Feel”, Ana Maria is honest with an actress from the Pantanal

Anna Maria talks a lot and leaves the Pantanal actress embarrassed

Anna Maria Braga Interview on Monday 3 October with the actress from wet landPaula Barbosa, who plays Zefa in the remake of Globo.

Sincerely, the presenter said, “What I feel is… I met her there at Mais Você, in RJ. She participated in Super Chef.” Then Anna Maria jokingly says: Not even a frying egg.

After that, the announcer praised the beauty of the actress and said that she is a sober girl who resembles her character in the Pantanal. In addition, Anna Maria said that the character is a conspiracy gossip.

However, Paula replied that she and her character have something in common: “With people who have known me for a while, I’m not.”

Then the actress from Pantanal commented: “At first, when they asked me what I had about Zefa, I said I didn’t have any, but I think over time, we ended up realizing there was,” she said.

“When they invited you to take on this role, did you know that Ziva would be such a gossip?” asked the presenter, leaving the actress a little embarrassed.

"what I feel"Anna Maria plays faithfully with an actress from the Pantanal and the reaction is shocking: "And don't even fry an egg"
“What I feel”, Anna Maria plays a sincere role with an actress from the Pantanal and the reaction is shocking: “Not even frying an egg” – Photo: clone

The web interacts with the presenter’s speech

I remembered more from the picture, the fun thing about the series, I was so young. So, I went to see what was in the first copy online. Soon enough, Ziva was a character that set me apart. “I don’t know, she was very attractive, so it was talked about a lot at the time,” said the Pantanal representative.

Another follower took the opportunity to pay tribute to the actors of Bruno Luperi’s novel Pantanal: “The setting of the actors in the scenes was the key to the novel’s success.”

In addition to her, a third follower commented and said that Benedetto’s granddaughter Roy Barbosa conveyed all the lightness and attractiveness of Ziva’s character.

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