December 2, 2022
How is the bill paid with a Nobank credit card?

How is the bill paid with a Nobank credit card?

Few of Nubank’s customers know, but there is the possibility to pay a bill with a fintech credit card.

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a nubank It always offers modern services that offer many possibilities, including paying coupons, which few customers know is possible. but you? Do you know how to pay your credit card bill? credit from the bank? Check out more information below.

Nubank customers can pay receipts with their credit cards through the bank app available for Android And the iOS. In addition, people can pay the invoice amount in installments at a lower interest rate than that applied by other financial institutions.

To pay boletos with a Nubank credit card, simply open the bank’s app, click on “Pay” and then on “Pay boletos”. You can scan the actual shipment or enter the barcode.

Finally, after scanning the ticket or typing the barcode, it is necessary to go to “Choose a payment method”, select the “Credit card” option and choose the desired amount of installments.

How to make purchases above the card limit at Nubank?

Not all Nubank customers should know, but there is the possibility to make purchases that exceed the maximum card limit offered by the digital bank. This option can be useful for users who want to purchase a product and do not have the optimum limit available.

The “Over Limit” function is available in the Cards menu of the Nubank App. To use the tool, a customer who needs to make a transaction in excess of the permissible limit should only request an increase in the limit at the time of purchase.

This feature works just like the emergency credit assessment, although the name is different. In the “Exceeded Purchase Limit” function, no fees will be charged and no limit will be re-evaluated. It should be noted that this does not mean that the card limit will be permanently increased.

Anticipating a nubank card cap increase: how is it done?

Nubank also allows credit card billing in case customers want to free up more limits for purchasing products and services. By means of a bank voucher or debit, users can pay part of the total amount of the fee.

If payment is made by bank slip, the limit will only be available after a period of three working days, from the day the fee is paid. However, if payment is made by debiting the account, the limit will be released automatically.

For those who want more credit limit and want to sign Pay bills by ticketJust access the Nubank app, click on the credit card and follow a few steps. So, see what they are below.

  • Select the invoice you want to pay in advance;
  • Go to “Pay the bill”;
  • Choose the payment amount or leave the amount if the fee is paid in full;
  • Copy the barcode or email the invoice as PDF to be paid.

Customers who want an additional limit and want to pay the bill in advance by debit have to access the bank app, choose the “Account” option, click on “Pay”, click on “Pay Card Bill”, inform the amount you want to pay and click on “Continue” to confirm the operation.

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