How LeBron James Helped Renee Montgomery Buy the Atlanta Dream

Renee Montgomery, with two others, Officially bought Atlanta Dream Friday – Something that wouldn’t have been possible without LeBron James and you held it with more than one vote.

James and his organization, according to Montgomery, were what connected her with the right people to fulfill her dream of going from star team player to team owner.

LeBron James helped Montgomery buy the Atlanta Dream

The WNBA agreed to sell the dream A three-member investor group on Friday. Montgomery is joined in that group by Larry Goetzdner, Chairman of Northland Real Estate, and Susan Aber, President and Chief Operating Officer of Northland.

The sale concludes with multiple disagreements raised by former partner and former Senator Kelly Loeffler, former co-owner, with whom the team and the rest of the league resisted and Even a campaign against For her views on the Black Lives Matter movement, among others. Loeffler, along with former co-owner Mary Brook, took over the leadership of the team in 2011.

Amid the growing controversy over Loeffler and the Dream, James said he wanted to form a royal group To buy the team.

While Montgomery had wanted to do so for several months before James tweeted in January, she decided to take a real step.

“I just reached out to him and said, ‘If you are serious, then I am. If you want to steer me in the right direction or if you can help me get to the next step, then I am.’ The next step was Cathy.”

With the help of James and more than one vote, Montgomery was able to meet with Commissioner Cathy Engelbert to talk about the next steps.

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The 34-year-old WNBA champion chose to exit the 2020 season to focus on social justice issues, then officially retired earlier this month – paving the way for her to buy with the property group.

Without James’s help and more than one vote for her, Montgomery knows this wouldn’t have been possible.

She said, “I wouldn’t have talked to you guys without that group.” “They were very welcoming meaning,” Well yeah, let me see what I can do. “They were always there for me, which is what I think the community looks like … that’s all. They all saw my vision and my passion behind it and they all wanted to help.”

Naturally, James was happy to see Montgomery’s vision come true.

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