December 3, 2022
How many ants are on this planet?  The answer is found and shocks

How many ants are on this planet? The answer is found and shocks

One of the most interesting questions that many people ask themselves How many ants are there on planet earth. After all, just look at the anthill and you’ll get the idea that the number is really big and it must be hard to calculate.

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However, scientists at Julius Maximulians University (JMU) in Germany have come up with an estimate on the issue.

How many ants on the whole planet Earth?

Researchers have begun trying to find a solution to the nagging question of how many ants there can be on the planet today. To find an approximate answer to the real number – since an ant cannot be counted by ants, academics used 489 studies on this topic.

According to the information, the analyzed works included several details on continental topics and ant habitats. Therefore, they were able to make calculations and came up with an approximate number of how many ants might be alive at that moment in the entire globe.

After all, what is the real number?

According to the researchers, there are likely about 20 quadrillion live and active ants on the entire planet at the moment. This number may not seem that big, but write it down with all zeros for a better scale: 20,000,000,000,000.

To give you an idea, there are 2,000 times more ants in a land of stars in the Milky Way, for example. This means that even in astrological proportions, the amount of ants is really frightening.

In addition to understanding how much ants On Earth, scientists have gone further and calculated the weight they can all exercise together. The answer was about 12 million tons. Exactly, imagine there is an amount of ants equal to 12 million tons.

Of course, the results are just estimates, but they take into account a number of real factors, and thus approximate the truth of the facts.