November 29, 2022

How much can you earn?

Nowadays, many applications promise to pay via Pix. If you are usually looking for alternatives to make money on the Internet, you have likely come across platforms that claim “Pay Instant” or apps that claim to bring “Instant withdrawals on Pix”. So, it’s worth considering: Do these apps really pay? After all, many small task apps fail to deliver on their payment promises.

So, people want to know: How do you find apps that really pay in 2022? A basic tip is to always be skeptical of platforms that promise fast and expressive profits. After all, the purpose of applications is to make small payments for users’ contributions, not to make them rich or serve as a major source of income. With that in mind, check out some of the apps that promise to pay via Pix below and see if they’re reliable.

Apps that promise to pay via Pix. Photo: credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia/

Apps Promising to Pay with Pix – Get Pix Watching

The Receive Pix Assistindo app is available on the Play Store and already has over 100,000 active users, which proves its huge popularity. As its name suggests, the app offers rewards to users who watch videos (usually advertisements and advertisements).

In addition, subscribers can earn money by performing other simple activities such as playing games and sharing a referral link. Since the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 cent (according to the screenshots of the platform), you do not have to go to great lengths to ensure payments.

So far, Receive Pix Watching is available as an app in development. Therefore, user ratings and subscriber comments have not yet been released. Without these reports, it is impossible to know if the app is actually living up to its payment promises.

If you want to download Get Pix Watching and try your luck on the platform, just go to

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Discover PixMania

PixMania is another app that promises to pay via Pix to users. In order to earn money, users have to verify and fulfill the platform’s activities in exchange for real payments. Tasks include downloading apps, playing games (such as roulette), and answering paid surveys.

For each completed task, users receive a certain amount of points, which must be accumulated until the minimum withdrawal amount is reached. To withdraw R$5 (minimum amount), subscribers must collect 10,000 points. The app also pays out virtual game coins and diamonds.

On the Play Store, PixMania has a score of 4.4 (out of 5), considered average. In the comments, users reveal that the app actually pays – but they complain of problems with calculating points and difficulties in reaching the minimum withdrawal amount.

If you want to download Pix Mania and try your luck on the platform, just go to

Earn money playing Bubble Pix

For those who like to earn money by playing games, Bubble Pix is ​​a good choice. Only available on the Play Store, the app has already been downloaded by more than 100,000 people. The app uses the classic to-do/game apps models: users earn points in platform games, and eventually demand payments.

Created by Sweet Media (responsible for the popular Google Play apps), Bubble Pix is ​​a simple matching game. Users aim to place equal bubbles next to each other, then delete them from the screen. The game only ends when all the bubbles are popped (or when you run out of group possibilities).

Bubble Pix is ​​currently rated 4.1 (out of 5) on the Play Store. According to users, the app was fine, but after the last update, it became very difficult to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. In these reports, the application team responds to users and states that a solution will be introduced soon.

If you want to download Bubble Pix and try your luck on the platform, just go to

All about GoPix

Another Google Play app that promises to offer payments via Pix to users is Go Pix. The platform is a relative newcomer to the Android mobile app store, with around 10,000 active users.

According to the official page of the application, users have 3 possibilities to earn points, and from there, you can request withdrawals: daily check-in in the application, playing games and sharing the referral link. Whatever the case, the minimum withdrawal amount seems to be quite low, which indicates that users do not need to put in much effort to earn money.

Since Go Pix is ​​still new to the Play Store, no user reviews have been revealed. So, we don’t know if the app really lives up to its payment promises.

If you want to download Go Pix and try your luck on the platform, just go to

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Apps that promise to pay via Pix – CashPix

With more than 50 thousand downloads, CashPix app catches the attention of Brazilian users. The platform is available on the Play Store, and it has many possibilities to generate revenue. Users can earn by answering paid surveys, accessing the app daily, playing games and downloading third party apps.

Since payments are made via Pix, they automatically fall into the user’s account. The minimum withdrawal amount is R $ 5, and to request a transfer, subscribers must accumulate 10,000 points. It is also possible to earn by sharing your referral link.

In addition to paying via Pix, CashPix promises transfers via PayPal and other types of prizes, such as Free Fire Diamonds. On the App Store, CashPix has a score of 4.1 (out of 5), considered average.

However, user reviews indicate that the app actually delivers on its payment promises! Complaints include occasional problems (such as instability) and difficulty reaching the minimum withdrawal amount.

If you want to download CashPix and try your luck on the platform, just go to

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