March 31, 2023
How much does a psychologist earn in 2022?  Average salary of a psychologist

How much does a psychologist earn in 2022? Average salary of a psychologist

The study and understanding of human behavior and the clarification of how their mental processes work are some of the foundations psychology. Whether in research or practice, the profession constantly strives to shed light on society about the emotions and processes related to the health and quality of life of the mind.

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The profession of psychology It requires a higher education, being a very wide field of work in different sectors of the economy. In addition to clinics, a professional can also work in public and private companies, schools and universities, as well as in the health field. There are endless possibilities.

At present, the profession of psychologist is very high and good a wagePrimarily for professionals with a major or postgraduate degrees. It is worth noting that the earnings of those pursuing a career as a psychologist have been among the most increased in recent years.

Psychiatrist salary?

Depending on the country, the Match the salary of a psychologist Maybe differs. In São Paulo, for example, the minimum amount paid is R$2861.

On the other hand, the Federation of Santa Catarina Psychologists (SinPsi-SC) says the minimum wage should be six minimum wages for a 30-hour work week. At Mato Grosso do Sul, the floor for the class is R$3,253.

But it is important to say that even under the guidance of the unions, there are private companies and public bodies that pay less to professionals, i.e. less than the recommended minimum.

How much does a psychologist earn?

In addition to the ground established by each union by the federal units, the diversity of work in different sectors of the economy gives the psychologist an opportunity to earn different salaries. A professional can, for example, work in health-related companies, schools and public agencies, such as human resources (HR) in private companies and much more.

Check below average profession salary in different fields. The survey was conducted by job site Catho. paying off:

  • Social Psychologist: BRL 2217
  • Psychologist: BRL 2,327
  • Hospital psychiatrist: R$2371
  • Traffic Psychology: 2440
  • Social psychologist: 1634.84 R$
  • School psychologist: BRL 2,012
  • Clinical Psychologist: BRL 2,113
  • Organizational Psychology: BRL 2175

Meanwhile, on the national recruitment website (Sine), the average salary offered is R$1,832 for those taking their first steps in their career, and R$7,561, when a psychologist is already well-positioned in a position in larger companies. .