May 31, 2023
How should Arthur Agyar manage money?  · the news

How should Arthur Agyar manage money? · the news

thanks for the BBB 22And Arthur Agyar He is the new millionaire of Brazil. However, the $1.5 million won by the actor in 2022 is outdated financially – that is, this grand prize is not worth what it was in 2010, when the Globo reality show began paying this prize. With that reality in hand, the former Rebelde will be challenged to manage the money and get the prize value right.

According to Citizen’s Calculator, a tool made available by the central bank, IPCA corrected value (Wide CPI) for the BBB premium from January 2010 to March 2022 will be R$3,139,569.30. With this value, Aguiar’s purchasing power would be equivalent to that of Marcelo Dorado in 2010, when he won the BBB 10 award.

And in order to consciously invest 1.5 million Rls, there is no point in just wanting to follow the current trend in the financial market, like the current cryptocurrencies or stocks on the stock exchange. “I see that people make their investments based on what is happening in the market and not on their profile. If you come here and ask how to invest 1.5 million R$ the first thing we will do is ‘diagnose’ the client”, points out Felipe Guerra, Partner at Messem. Investimentos, the news.

“What does your life look like? Do you live alone or with your parents? Do they support you or someone else? Do you have debts? How well do you know about investing? Personal characteristics are more important in determining the investments you will make than the market itself,” he defends.

From a specialist’s point of view, Agyar is living in a moment in life in which he is still building a legacy, making it possible Mira Cardi’s husband Apply the premium to a moderate investment portfolio.

“In the moderate investor pattern, they are in the range of 60% in fixed income, 25% in multi-market mutual funds, and 15% in variable income, which can be split between stocks, real estate funds, and complementary initiatives,” he evaluates. .

I like to make an analogy with the ship. We know its size, where we are and where we want to go. We need to structure it in such a way that it is balanced, and if we notice more waves coming from the right or from the left, then we make these small adjustments over time until they get there. [no objetivo final]Even with ups and downs.

Guerra advises, “You have to make your investments the way you feel comfortable. You have to sleep, wake up and enjoy your free time while your investments work for you.”

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