July 22, 2024

How the virus was created to monitor people at work

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How the virus was created to monitor people at work
How the virus was created to monitor people at work

Bossware is software specifically designed to monitor the routines of employees, in an effort to manage their productivity. Although some ethical values ​​are violated, regardless of the organisation, the procedure has been adopted by some managers. In this case the suspicion ends with the employee himself who suspects some changes in his equipment.

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In this case, there is no pre-order of the worker if such monitoring is allowed in excess. Therefore, everyone may be monitored without realizing it, even in records that have nothing to do with their professional routine. With the pandemic, remote work has dramatically increased the use of this malware, making discussion about the limits of private life urgent.

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After the epidemic, the use of software has increased

Companies around the world use monitoring software without notifying employees, and in the United States, the percentage of companies that do so is as high as 60%, according to a survey by Digital.com.

Chapter is usually born

It has been observed that after repeated use of this resource, many employees have been dismissed from their positions.

Monitoring bypasses screens

Typically, the underlying software captures the number of times and the number of times a person pressed the keys and mouse. Advanced platforms enable camera and microphone, completely invading employees’ privacy.

Use of software against the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By overstepping the ethical boundaries of data security, this kind of action is detrimental to people’s character.

There are no regulations in Brazil

Despite facing the country’s GDPR, there are not enough studies to determine the impact of these situations on Brazilian companies.

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