October 2, 2022
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How to advance the memory of the Saque-Anniversary FGTS?

All workers hired by the CLT are entitled to an FGTS. This accumulates monthly and can only be withdrawn in specific cases, or the worker can also choose birthday loot.

Christmas loot FGTS It is optional and requires permission from the FGTS application. Once this is done, a portion of the balance available in the system can be withdrawn annually, during the month of your birthday.

For Banco Inter customers, it is not necessary to wait once a year for funds from a Christmas withdrawal, it is also possible to make an advance payment. If you are already an Inter account holder, simply allow access to your information through the FGTS app. Once this is done, it is possible to expect up to 10 years of anniversary loot. This process is 100% hypothetical and does not affect income.

Who can expect the benefit and what are the advantages?

To use the Christmas early withdrawal service at InterbankYou must be over 18 years of age and have chosen to withdraw your date of birth, hold a formal contract or have FGTS balance in an active or inactive account, and have allowed Inter to access your FGTS information and be an Inter account holder. The advantages of paying early for the Christmas withdrawal are:

  • Receipt of the expected years at once;
  • the absence of monthly installments and discounts made directly from the FGTS;
  • Better rates than other types of loans;
  • A contract of 300 Brazilian reals, without compromising the budget.

To allow Inter to access your information, it is necessary to access the authorization area of ​​the FGTS application, it will be necessary to click on “Borrowing -iversary”. Next, choose the “Add New Financial Institution” option and search for Banco Inter in the search box. Finally, just confirm the choice and authorize the FGTS consultation by clicking Yes.

Other details of Christmas documents

Through Banco Inter, amounts starting from 300 BRL can be submitted, subject to the available balance in FGTS. It must be remembered that the rate Anticipating the withdrawal of Christmas At Inter it is flat at 1.99% per month. Since it is applied annually to the total amount of the advance and is deducted only once directly from the FGTS balance, without prejudice to income.

It is also important to remember that it is possible to cancel a loan with an FGTS guarantee, therefore it is necessary to exceed a maximum of 7 calendar days after contracting for the service. The procedure is carried out when contacting Inter, through service channels. Once this is done, the released amount will be returned to the Inter account. After the deadline, the service will not be available.

It is also important to remember that it is possible to pay the total amount due, if you want to open the FGTS balance. For this, the client must contact, also through the service channels, and request a voucher for the repayment of the loan. Upon payment of the total amount, the FGTS balance will be opened by Inter, and the value of the Christmas withdrawal will be available on the Caixa Econômica Federal website.

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