February 6, 2023

How to apply for a loan of R$4,500 for Caixa Tem cons?

The year-end accounts are putting pressure on many people’s finances and some Brazilians end up with negative results. With such a dirty name, it’s hard to get one Loan on good terms And avoid falling into a snowball of debt.

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To make life easier for Brazilians, Caixa Econômica Federal has created a line of credit for individuals and MEIs (Individual small business owners) who are in this situation. The product is exclusive to those who want to invest in a small business.

Caixa Tem Loan for MEI

Small business owners looking for a loan can borrow up to R$4,500 through Caixa Tem Credit. This method has a repayment period of up to 24 months and interest rates of up to 3.60% per month.

To apply, the interested party must have at least one year of billing with the CNPJ prior to submitting the application. In addition, recruitment for this group takes place face to face, directly at Caixa Bank branches.

Caixa loan for individuals

Individuals who wish to do the option of employing up to R$ 1,500 l Caixa Team app🇧🇷 In this case, the interest rate cannot exceed 3.99% per month and the debt settlement period is up to 24 months.

It should also be noted that a person with an indecent name cannot have bank debts of more than R$3,000 on January 31, 2022, with the exception of housing loans and unused limits.

To get the loan, you just need to access the application and click on the “Crédito Caixa Tem” option. The bank will carry out a credit analysis and send an answer within 10 days.