How to argue his gray hair on a CV

Comment faire valoir ses cheveux gris sur un CV

In a world of work that carbide technologies and milléniaux, have over 50 years of age and looking for a job is not always easy. What should you highlight in your application ?

Your serious

Show your seriousness by adapting your CV and your cover letter to the positions and companies you are targeting. Especially, do not send the same application everywhere, because more and more recruiters use software filtering, retaining only those resumes that contain key words specific to the position posted.

Your relevance

In 50 years, you no doubt have accumulated many years of experience. However, engorgez not your RESUME of professional experiences that are older than 15 years of age, because employers want to hire candidates who are ” up to date “. Recent experiences are preferable… unless those of 1990 are relevant ! In this case, put emphasis on the skills and accomplishments related to the position being sought.

Your motivations

You have been director of human resources all your life, but now want to work part-time as a receptionist ? In this case, ” get to you “dévendre” ! “advises Julie Dufresne, president of, a recruitment site and job search for the 50 years and more. In other words, ” explain what motivates you to apply for a job less demanding (values, interests, passion, etc), for the employer to understand that you do so in full knowledge of the facts. Otherwise, he will believe you over-qualified… and will put your application aside ! “

Your flexibility

You are ready to work in the region, part-time or contractual ? Enter it in your CV ! Companies often have diverse needs, ranging from replacements of sick leave to targeted projects of short duration. Not to mention that, according to Julie Dufresne, the candidates are senior citizens or retirees, represent an excellent solution to the current shortage of labour : “In addition to knowing the culture and the language, they are experienced and often dream of moving to the region, where the shortage hits hardest ! “

Your maturity

You may think you are too old to return to the labour market ? “Allay your fears by telling you that the work has no age, said Julie Dufresne, and put your best foot forward “, as this is a contact network is rich and diverse, with a maturity allowing you to better manage stress or a long working experience.

Your knowledge

A bias against older employees is that they have not followed the technological evolution. Then, reduce the reserves of potential employers by outlining all of your knowledge on the subject. If necessary, seek the required training.


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