June 29, 2022
How to calculate percentage - Canaltech

How to calculate percentage – Canaltech

Percentage arithmetic can be used in math problems such as the three bases and proportionality as well as for calculating interest and discounts. But precisely because it involves mathematics, it may seem to many people like a seven-headed beast. Next, learn how to calculate the percentage of a value.

To make it easier, we’ve broken down two simple ways to do percentage calculations: using your cell phone’s calculator (or any other physical or digital calculator) and Microsoft excel.

How do you calculate the percentage

Calculate the percentage on the calculator

It is very easy to do the percentage calculation on the calculator, whether it is physical, digital or your mobile application. This is because almost all of these options provide their own key for this operation, which is represented by the “%” button. Just multiply the total value in percentage and then use the “%” button.

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Here, we will calculate 5% of 200. First, enter the integer number you want to calculate a part of. Now, press the “X” key, to double the value, enter the percentage number and go to the equals (“=”) button to show the result. Finally, complete the use of the percent key (%).

The calculation will look like this: 200 x 5 = 1000. Then just use the percentage button. In this example, the calculator will show that 5% of 200 equals 10.

When the result of multiplying the total value by the percentage value appears, click on the “%” icon to make the calculator display the desired percentage (screenshot: Caio Carvalho / Canaltech)

Calculate percentage in Excel

In Microsoft Excel, the process of calculating a percentage is quite simple. Enter the total amount in the first column of the table, and in the second, enter the percentage that should be calculated. Then divide them using the asterisk (“*”) symbol.

In the example below, let’s calculate 23% of $6,500. In cell B2 we put $6500 and in C2 the percentage we want to find (23%). In the third column, in cell D2, we insert the equal symbol (“=”), followed by the number of the initial cell (B2), the asterisk (“*”) and the number of the second cell (C2). At the end, press “Enter” (Windows) or “Back” (Mac).

It would look like this: “= B2 * C2” (without the quotes). In this example, 23% of $6,500 equals $1,495. You can perform the calculation using any Excel cell, either horizontally or vertically, as long as you put it in the correct numbering for each line.

You can also calculate the percentage of any value using Excel spreadsheets (screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

And ready! Calculating the percentage on mobile and Microsoft Excel is very simple, which avoids the agony of many people who will do this calculation using other mathematical forms.

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