How to find a bigger job in a bigger city?

Comment trouver un plus gros job, dans une plus grosse ville?

Change city is sometimes a necessity to give a boost to his career. Moving to Toronto, New York or in San Francisco, the bilingual people can have access to better paying jobs with the highest responsibilities.

“Many companies have their headquarters in Toronto, while some of them have no other choice than to go there to evolve,” says David Da Costa, director of practice in sourcing for the montreal-based firm Sourcinc. For programmers, it is tempting to leave California, because the wages will quickly reach 6 figures.”

How to get a better position in a bigger city ? For those whose company is based in Toronto or the United States, the first step is to inform on the positions to be filled internally. “In this case, companies often pay relocation services”, indicates the expert.

The indispensable LinkedIn

If this option is not possible, the best strategy is to educate yourself about the local labour market in order to refine his search strategy.

To achieve this, LinkedIn is a must. “This is my best friend”, says David Da Costa. So, be very careful to keep his LinkedIn profile detailed and up to date as well as not to forget to translate it in English when one postulates in cities English ! LinkedIn allows you to find recruiters in the city in question and enter into relationship with them, but also to make contact with former colleagues or friends from university are likely to know the target market and you open the doors of their network.

An adaptation effort to provide

Learn about the local reality is also helpful to be aware of the habits and customs of this place. Toronto and New York may be located a few hours away from Quebec, cultural differences do exist. “In Quebec, we are trying to create rapport before talking business, but having worked for companies recruiting american, I know that, down here, people are more direct in their approach,” says David Da Costa. Identify the local way of addressing people is therefore essential not to seem too pushy or, on the contrary, too little determined.

“Too often, candidates send CV like bottles to the sea, but it is important to contact the right person ”

David Da Costa, director of the practice of “sourcing” for the firm Sourcinc

If the opportunities are, in general, more numerous in a larger city, the volume of candidates that is proportional. “Montreal is a village compared to New York,” argues David Da Costa. To stand out, the specialist advises to customize its approach recruiters. “Too often, candidates send CV like bottles to the sea, but it is important to contact the right person,” he says.

Take the time to stay on-site

Interviews virtual facilitate today the recruitment process remotely, but the human resource professionals prefer the in-person meetings. To reassure, David Da Costa recommends that you specify the project in his introductory email explaining, for example, that one has planned to move to Toronto with his family from the fall.

Plan to travel on-site to meet recruiters is also useful. It is often more effective than simple e-mail to establish fruitful contacts. “When someone writes me that he intends to come and live in Montreal with his family, he will be in town on a visit to a certain period, and it proposes me to go and get a coffee, I take the time to do it, if I can, because I tell myself that it is a person motivated and organized,” said David Da Costa. This shows that this is not just a dream, but a project well thought out.”


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