December 2, 2022
How to get lost FGTS up to 10 thousand Brazilian real?

How to get lost FGTS up to 10 thousand Brazilian real?

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Many Brazilians may be entitled to a monetary correction of the amounts deposited over the years into the Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço.FGTS). According to the LOIT FGTS tool that calculates how much each person can earn with the procedure, such reviews can be as high as R$10,000.

However, the amount can be much higher depending on how long the money has remained in the fund account and the amount deposited, based on the worker’s salary. Whereas, the amount of FGTS deposited per month is 8% of the salary.

This review relates to the Direct Unconstitutionality Procedure (ADI 5090) of a judicial dissertation awaiting the decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Who has the right to review?

Therefore, those who have worked with portfolio history from 1999 to the present day may have receivables after correction. It is valid even for those who have already withdrawn the total amount of FGTS and do not have anything else in their account.

In short, the revision removes the reference rate (TR) used to correct the FGTS and begins using an index that provides more advantages. Currently, TR is below the inflation rate, which has caused many financial losses to workers.

Thus, the idea is to replace it with another indicator that measures more useful inflation and that offers real benefits to workers, such as the Consumer Price Index (IPCA) or the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

What is the value of an FGTS review?

The worker has free access to the tool LOIT FGTS To simulate how much you will get with an FGTS review.

The calculator, after inserting some information, shows how much each worker, if the index is changed, is entitled to.

The interested party must submit the FGTS data contained in the FGTS application (available to Android And the iOS).

How to request an FGTS review?

Finally, the interested party can file a claim to receive an FGTS review through the special federal courts. There is no need for a lawyer to accompany you. However, only those who earn up to 60 minimum wages, which equates to R$72,7210.00, can enter these courts.

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