December 2, 2022

How to import iPhone 14 from USA? See key maintenance | Go

Sales iPhone 14 Started in Brazil The suggested price starts at R$ 7,599. oh iPhone 14 Pro Max, the high-end model with 1 TB of storage can reach R$ 15,499. In the US market, the regular model fetches US$ 799, which gives it R$ 4,715 in direct conversion – a difference of R$ 2,884. In the most expensive version, the device costs US$ 1,599 (R$ 9,437) – a very significant saving of R$ 6,062. Thus, Apple fans are considering buying new cell phones with a planned trip Apple For a low price.

However, buying a phone abroad can present some risks. Above all, it is important to consider the amount of tax paid in the United States and the limit allowed by the Federal Revenue Service in Brazil. All these details change the exchange rate to calculate the final price of the item. On the lines below, check the actual amount you owe iPhone Considering these variables.

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iPhone 14: Check out seven facts about the Apple cell phone

iPhone 14: Check out seven facts about the Apple cell phone

1. What are US taxes like?

Apple’s new generation iPhones were launched in the US market at prices ranging from $799 to $1,599. However, these values ​​receive some additions due to tax complications due to local taxes. In the United States, travelers pay taxes that must replace the amount paid on the device.

Each state imposes different taxes. For example, in New York, the tax is 8.49%. In fact, this ratio will be the reference of this report TechTudo. In Florida, the tax is 6.80%. Considering the tourist dollar exchange rate of R$5.44, if you buy a 128GB iPhone 14 Plus priced at US$899, you will pay R$4,890 plus 8.49% for the device in New York. The final price will be R$ 5,305. While in Florida, the same electronic price is BRL 5,223.

A purple iPhone 14 in Techduto’s newsroom — Photo: Laura Storino/Techduto

It is worth noting that some US states do not collect the tax. Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon exempt consumers from the tax. Therefore, if the purpose of your visit is to buy a new iPhone, it is worth stopping in these states, of course, paying only the market value that Apple charges. Other states that bring consumer-friendly rates are Alaska at 1.43% and Hawaii at 4.35%.

Few Brazilians know, but tax free in the US. The news is not widespread, as only two states, Texas and Louisiana, have the possibility to get back part of the taxes paid by Brazilians. Therefore, the 8.17% tax imposed in Texas and the 9.45% tax in Louisiana have very little impact on the cost of the device. After all, the tax-free policy collects the tax at the time of purchase, but later returns it to the visitor.

Timer control from Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro – Photo: Tasias Veloso/Dectudo

It is also important to consider the current IOF of 6.38% when making purchases with credit and debit on international travel. In practice, the user pays this tax when he purchases with his credit card, overdraft or in dollars. Therefore, all financial transactions involving credits are taxed.

In addition, if the bank does not yet offer a fixed rate, it is worth highlighting the possibility of eventual exchange rate fluctuations until the final invoice date. As already mentioned, the TechTudo The tourist dollar is considered to be R$ 5.44. Hence, iPhone prices in the US may vary depending on the tax and exchange rate paid in the US.

3. Which iPhone models are covered by the IRS?

Travelers should be aware of the possibility of taxation by the Federal Revenue Service in addition to taxes paid on purchases in the United States. Generally, the Brazilian government sets a quota of US$ 1,000 for duty-free purchases for each person arriving by air or sea, including imports and duty-free shopping.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

Purchases exceeding the exemption quota must be declared. The import duty payable is 50% on the surplus. This means that a user buying the iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB will have to pay an extra USD 99.50 for this product.

However, a smartphone can be considered an item for personal use and cannot enter this quota – but only if you only carry one device. In this way, those who do not want to pay taxes in Brazil should avoid the practice of leaving the country with one phone and returning with two. Additionally, the cell phone must have been used during the trip — meaning the device must not be sealed or with signs of unused use.

4. Is the US iPhone 14 accepted by Brazilian operators?

The eSIM is marketed in the form of a QR code – Photo: Disclosure/Tim

From this new generation, Apple decided to Remove the physical phone chip tray For iPhone 14 series models sold in the US market. Therefore, consumers should use particular eSIM technology To connect to the networks of major telecom operators in the country. It is worth noting that the versions of the smartphones for the Brazilian market have a SIM card slot.

Major National Operators – Clear, TIM And Alive – Offer eSIM (or virtual chip) technology. Therefore, adopting the technology should not cause major problems for users.

How did you find out? tech dodo, It can be said that The American iPhone 14 can work with any carrier that supports line activation via eSIM. The biggest problem was reports of difficulties using the technology and finding the right orientation in phone shops.

5. Does the US iPhone come with a charger?

It’s been at least two years since Apple didn’t include a charger in the iPhone box. The US version ships the phone with the manuals and information needed to activate the eSIM, a sticker and a Lighting connector cable A computer’s USB-C port or a wall outlet. This way, the user has to buy the charger and the headset separately.

iPhone 14 price in Brazil and US

model Price in Brazil Base price in the US Final price in USA
iPhone 14 – 128 GB BRL 7,599 $799 BRL 4,715
iPhone 14 – 256 GB BRL 8,599 $899 BRL 5,305
iPhone 14 – 512 GB BRL 10,599 $999 BRL 5,443
iPhone 14 Plus – 128 GB BRL 8,599 $899 BRL 5,305
iPhone 14 Plus – 256 GB BRL 9,599 $999 BRL 5,443
iPhone 14 Plus – 512 GB BRL 11,599 $1,099 BRL 6,486
iPhone 14 Pro – 128GB BRL 9,499 $999 BRL 5,443
iPhone 14 Pro – 256 GB BRL 10,499 $1,099 BRL 6,486
iPhone 14 Pro – 512 GB BRL 12,499 USD 1,299 BRL 7,666
iPhone 14 Pro – 1TB BRL 14,499 $1,499 BRL 8,163
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 128GB BRL 10,499 $1,099 BRL 6,486
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 256 GB BRL 11,499 USD 1,199 BRL 7,076
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 512 GB BRL 13,499 $1,399 BRL 8,256
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 1TB BRL 15,499 $1,599 BRL 9,437