May 31, 2023
Como investir com bom retorno e segurança

How to invest with good returns and safety?

Brazilians are increasingly looking for stable sources of profitability.

As a result of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazilians are increasingly looking for sources of profitability. However, doubts still arise about which assets to invest in with good returns and security. In this case, you have to worry about some issues, such as liquidity and investment volatility.

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Low liquidity and low volatility

First of all, it is important to understand that ROI can change over time, especially in the medium and long term. For this, it is necessary to make an appointment to determine the date of recovery. In this case, it is possible to be more relaxed, because the rate at which the money can return can be more predictable. So, these are the most recommended:

  • direct treasure: Starting at R$ 30 per bond, a portion of the public debt must be borne by the citizen, the amount of which will be returned with the credit. In this way, the investment works like a loan.
  • Letters of Credit: Here, the individual will also be a creditor, as in the case of direct treasury, but papers issued by a financial institution invest money in other people.

High liquidity and low volatility

In the case of high liquidity and low volatility, it is known that the market absorbs investments quickly and without significant price change. In this case, an increase in equity and expansion of other assets is a good option. Check options:

  • Selling or renting furniture: Among the most popular real estate, it is very common to buy real estate for resale or rent according to the scenario of the real estate market. In general, the results are good and take less time than those of mediation.
  • Commodity: Investing in collecting products such as cars, paintings and some popular auction items can bring good returns to those with good connections and trusted customers.
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital: These strategies are widely used to enter new business as an investor. In this way, the latter becomes a shareholder, and is able to participate in the decision-making process of the company, which increases the value of his participation in the company.