March 26, 2023

How to properly charge a cell phone? Avoid these novice mistakes

in this time , cell phone Practically a part of our bodies. We use our devices to communicate, bank, work, see the time, weather forecast, and do calculations, among other functions.


However, some bad practices when charging your cell phone can make it last less. Look at the mistakes you should avoid!

Use pirated loaders

Although they are cheaper, these chargers may not be of the quality needed to safely charge your cell phone battery. That is, pirated chargers can damage the device’s battery, reducing its useful life. Therefore, always use the original cell phone charger or compatible model indicated by the manufacturer.

Mobile phone charging error: continue to use

It is not recommended to use the cell phone while charging. Doing so can overcharge the battery, cause it to overheat and reduce its lifespan. That is, when it’s in the socket, use it sparingly if it’s really necessary.

Use the car socket for a cell phone

Another common mistake is charging the cell phone in the car socket or other unsafe power sources. In this way, it overburdens the cell phone battery and, in some cases, can even damage it. Therefore, a wall socket is always preferred for charging the device.

Let the battery run out

If possible, prevent your cell phone battery from going completely to zero. When the battery is completely empty, it can be difficult to charge it again. That is, it can harm its useful life. It is important that you always keep your cell phone at a minimum charge between 20% and 30%.

By adopting these simple measures, you will extend the life of our devices and avoid problems in the future. Also, remember to clean up files and apps on your phone that you don’t use frequently.