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How to recover deleted numbers from WhatsApp? See 4 different ways | social networks

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How to recover deleted numbers from WhatsApp?  See 4 different ways |  social networks

NS The WhatsApp It does not have a native feature to recover deleted contacts in messenger. This is because Application It only recognizes users with active messaging accounts from contacts saved in the mobile phonebook. Thus, to recover numbers from lost or deleted contacts on WhatsApp, it is necessary to use some tricks on your cell phone. In the list below, see four ways to recover deleted contacts on WhatsApp available for Android NS Iphone (iOS).

The list presents four ways to recover the number of deleted contacts from WhatsApp; See how – Photo: Marcela Franco / TechTudo

1. Restore Non-Android Phone Directory

The contact book on Android can be recovered in a few steps from the Google Contacts website. With the program, this is possible Rescue numbers from contacts that have been deleted from the phone in the last 30 days, as Google’s operating system syncs this data to the cloud by default.

To retrieve contacts from your phonebook, go to the website “contacts.google.com” (without quotes) through your mobile browser and sign in with your Google account. On the next page, if your contacts are not available, tap the sandwich menu in the upper left corner of the screen and tap More. Then select “Undo changes”, choose the desired period and confirm the action.

At the end of the instructions, remember to confirm that syncing your contacts is enabled on Android to avoid possible losses in the future.

Recover Deleted Contacts on Android from Google Contacts Site – Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora

2. Restore WhatsApp backup

Another tip is Restore WhatsApp Backup. This way you can recover the conversations you had with the contact and recover the lost number. To do this, on your Android or iPhone (iOS), go to the app’s settings, and under “Conversations” go to “Conversations Backup” to start the backup.

Then uninstall the mobile app and install it again. Then start WhatsApp configuration from the beginning, and restore the last backup set by the messenger. After completing the process, check that the conversation with the respective contact has been recovered and save the number again in your mobile phone directory.

Restore WhatsApp chats from backup saved in Google Drive – Image: Playback / Raquel Freire

3. Access to the list of blocked numbers

It is also possible to restore the user’s phone even if you have blocked the contact in WhatsApp and then deleted the number from the mobile phone book. This is because the contact’s phone is still saved in the folder with users blocked in the messenger.

To access the function, go to the WhatsApp settings and tap on “Account”, “Privacy” and “Blocked”. From there, you can check all the users who have been blocked in the app and you can also unblock them to save the lost number in the device phonebook again.

Open a WhatsApp contact to retrieve the number – Image: Reproduction / Helito Beggiora

4. Restore iPhone Calendar to iCloud

Like Android, iPhone (iOS) also syncs contacts saved on the device to the cloud. Thus, it is possible to recover numbers from lost or deleted contacts. from iCloud.

To do this, go to the website “icloud.com” (without the quotes) and log in to your account. Then press “Settings”, scroll the screen to the “Advanced options” section and select “Restore contacts”. On the next page, look in the available backups for the previous date of deleting the contact and press “Restore”.

Select the contacts backup to be restored in iCloud – Image: Playback / Helito Bijora

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