December 6, 2023

Hulk scores a great bicycle kick in the victory of Atletico MG, but he is stopped by Libertadores | Athlete- mg

The night was packed with the Hulk, one of the heroes Atlético MG In victory and classification by the Libertadores. Gallo advances to the group stage after defeating Millonarios 3-1, with Hulk scoring the third goal of style: a bicycle submission. However, he was suspended from the tournament.

Hulk glorifies victory and Atlético-MG standings: “Delivering the team from the start”

He will almost certainly miss Atlético’s first appearance in the competition, on April 5, as the yellows only reached zero in the round of 16. Al Rooster will meet his group in a draw on 3/27. In addition to the wonderful goal, Hulk gave the pass to Paulinho’s first goal, a beautiful cross into the back of the defence.

“A strong collective tonight, I thank our fans who came in strength. The team did very well, and we managed to score more goals. We performed. It was a good performance, and we hope to be better prepared for Saturday’s game.”

The player has been warned in all the matches he has played so far in the Libertadores, and has three yellow cards: the second leg against Carabobo and the duels against Millonarios. He did not face Hulk Carabobo in the first leg. I got Covid-19.

Striker Hulk scored a goal, an assist and a yellow card in the Libertadores – Photo: Pedro Souza/The Camp.

The striker was yellowed in the second half in a fight over the ball inside the area. The referee realized that the attacker let his arm hit Fanegas, a player of the Millonarios team, who also received a yellow card for this move.

In addition to Hulk, Atlético also had a heads up on Paulinho, who also has two yellow cards. The No. 10 came through refereeing unscathed, plus he scored two goals in Wednesday’s win.

In this version of the Libertadores, cards are only “out” from the round of 16 onwards. In addition, a fine is charged for each card to the club. The entity invests US$400 (two thousand Brazilian reais) for each yellow card in the “preliminary phase” games and in the group stage of the competition, and US$500 in the knockout round up to the semi-finals. In the end, each yellow card costs $2,000.

In the 42nd minute of the second half – a goal from inside the area by Hulk from Atlético MG against Millonarios.

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