February 5, 2023
Humanitarian Committee Reports Abuse of Migrant Children in US Detention |  The world

Humanitarian Committee Reports Abuse of Migrant Children in US Detention | The world

A humanitarian group has lodged a complaint with the US Department of Homeland Security. To us Border Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Misappropriation of Migrant Children in Detention (DHS) MexicoThis was stated in a statement issued on Thursday (7).

Americans for Immigration Justice (AI Justice) by 2021, 70% of the children he spoke to said they had been abused while in CBP custody. They complained of excessive detention, verbal and physical abuse, lack of medical assistance, lack of food and water, low temperatures without blankets and separation from family.

The case was filed in the DHS at the same time as similar complaints were filed by other immigration lawyers’ organizations: Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), Florence Immigrant & amp; The Refugee Rights Program (FIRRP) and the Immigration Defenders Law Center (ImmDef) represent unsupported immigrants and children across the country.

AI Justice and other organizations have for years condemned the blatant abuse of immigrant children at the hands of the CBP, but nothing has changed, “said Jennifer Ansardo Valdes, director of the AI ​​Justice Children’s Program.

“Whoever is in charge at the federal level, we see systematic abuse in CBP custody,” the organization notes, citing a report filed a year ago in which thousands of children reported abuses in 2019. Administration of President Donald Trump.

“We continue to see the same inhumane conditions. This administration, like previous administrations, lags behind in protecting the rights of children in CBP custody,” said Maid Garcia, an American lawyer for immigration justice.

President Joe Biden’s administration announced in May that it would lift immigration restrictions imposed at the start of the epidemic. Thus, the influx of migrants across the border has increased MexicoThe organization considers it essential that the CBP prioritize health and safety conditions for young immigrants.