June 4, 2023

Humans use artificial intelligence to create portraits of the Last Supper and other historical scenes; paying off! | world and science

Selfie from the Last Supper with Jesus taking a picture and some of the apostles smilingreproduction

Posted on 04/01/2023 22:24 | Updated 4/1/2023 10:28 PM


LONDON — A British film editor has used artificial intelligence (AI) to imagine what it would be like if smartphones had existed hundreds of years ago and created selfies of the Last Supper, Cleopatra and Napoleon. Duncan Thomsen used Midjourney software to create photorealistic images and they went viral.

“The results are hilarious, and everyone I’ve shared my work with can’t believe how real the photos look,” Thomsen said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “I’ve done it with Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Jesus and many more,” he said.

Among the images generated by artificial intelligence, the Last Supper selfie was one of the most impressive, with Jesus taking a picture and some of the apostles smiling.

“This technology can be used in schools as a new way to teach and engage children about world history – it’s like time travel without a time machine,” said Thomsen.

However, if you look carefully, some errors can be seen in the pictures, such as too many or too few fingers, distorted eyes, and extra teeth.