March 26, 2023

Humming and challenging the audience

Leandro Hassom Taking over, as of today, at 2:25 p.m., primetime entertainment on Globo, Directed by the reality show “Minha Mãe Cozinha Melhor Que a Sua” accompanied by the judges Paola Carosella and João Diamante.

Upon launching Boninho’s core attraction, the comedian and presenter spoke about the criticisms and challenges of being on a new project that kicks off on a weekday with the biggest audience battle on open air TV.

I’ve never done a program for critics, I do it for audiences. I care about the audience and whether the audience is enjoying it. We are not unanimous anywhere. There will always be, say, one person who will find cake awful, and another who will find it the tastiest thing in the world.

Hassum continues, “The beats will always come, we’re not unanimous. We have to know who we’re doing it for, who our audience is. I know it’s the one who sits in front of the TV, on Sundays, wanting to have fun and passion and maybe learn a little cooking.”

“A stitch in your ear is unbearable.”

Accustomed to the attractions in which he is freest on set, he is quite faithful in admitting what troubles him most in the film records. reality show From Globo:

You have a point [no ouvido] Unbearable. And look what they are [diretores] They’re cool, they don’t talk all the time. But for me, dealing with this point is something new. Every now and then you’re here… come forward… and the person there is talking and talking into your ear.

Hassom lists his challenges with the new Globo program:

“You have to play, but you can’t get in the way of those who are competing. You have to have fun, be light, be familiar. There are many challenges and I love to challenge myself. Whether on television, on stage, dubbing, directing and presenting a program now. You have to To look at the teleprompter, to rely on the referees, everything is a challenge.”

Joao Diamante, Paola Carosella and Leandro Hassom lead the song “My Mom Cooks Better Than Your Food”

Photo: Cadu Pilotto/Globo

Hassum’s indomitable fame

During the series’ press launch, Hassan was asked about his reputation as “indomitable”, someone who is difficult to manage. The actor claims that this is not quite the case, but that he often needs pruning depending on the direction.

This thing I’m quick silver, not like that. I like to improvise, let go of the script, I do it a lot, because the joke comes into my head at that time. But with all of that, I need guidance. I can just improvise and play around with something that exists.

Calling him “indomitable” is a big mess behind the scenes, says Hassum:

I am a very docile and tame guy. But I’d rather over-deliver and be hurt than wait for direction. Sometimes this sounds like improvisation. I’m not a disqualifier, I’m a collaborator, and that collaboration sometimes needs pruning.