August 9, 2022
Humorist threatened with death after saying the Praia Grande is 'nonsense'

Humorist threatened with death after saying the Praia Grande is ‘nonsense’

Actress and comedian Mahil Marrer She began receiving death threats after making jokes with the city of Praia Grande on the coast of São Paulo, last Thursday (21), on a comedy show and on social networks. Information taken from g1.

Mahil said the city was “dirty” and that “everyone is ugly.” She even compared the city to former girl on the show Raquel Pacheco, Bruna Survestinha, when she said that within the city “there’s always room for one more”.

The comedian also said that Praia Grande is “a beach in the same way that the Tieti River is a river,” saying that people use it to “make necessities.”

After her jokes gained repercussions, she began to be criticized on the networks, returning to make negative comments about the city.

“I made some jokes with Praia Grande and now guys from Praia Grande are polluting my Instagram so much that I feel like the sea in Praia Grande,” the comedian said on Twitter.

In a comment posted to her Instagram, a man said she would be shot while she was performing a concert in the city.

“Bitch, as soon as you enter the Palácio das Artes, you will be shot so often that you will not know where you come from and there is no point in going with a security escort, we are waiting for you,” he wrote.

Praia Grande City Hall was revealed by a note.

“Praia Grande demands respect!

Because of the various appearances about a humorous video that talks about the city in a contemptuous way, the city of Praia Grande explains that it is sending a note to the production of the program with an invitation to visit the city, as well as explaining a beautiful story of overcoming difficulties. It is among the most developed cities in Brazil and one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the country, due to its beauty and infrastructure.

The city council rejects any form of verbal violence. It is worth emphasizing that the municipality is a great supporter of culture and respects all kinds of art, as long as it does not harm or tarnish the image of people or institutions.”

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