Hydro-Quebec will reimburse only half of the overpayment

Hydro-Québec remboursera seulement la moitié des trop-perçus

The government Legault will present only half of the $ 180 million of overpayments of Hydro-Québec in 2018 with the customer, even if the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), when she was in opposition, asked all to donate to the subscribers.

The minister of natural Resources, Jonatan Julien, has confirmed on Thursday that the State company will keep $90 million.

In a press briefing, Mr. Julien has justified this decision based on a formula that had been developed by the previous liberal government, under which only 50 percent of overpayments are repaid to the subscribers.

During the question period, the prime minister François Legault has been attacked by the opposition on this issue. The leader of the second opposition, the parti québécois Pascal Bérubé, recalled that the CAQ had previously launched a petition to demand that the former liberal government reimburses the entirety of the overpayment accumulated since 2008, or $1.4 billion.

“From his seat, the prime minister and his deputy (Chantal Soucy) have told Quebecers that he had to repay, there it was, the commitment (to the CAQ), has asked Mr. Bérubé. It was: pay it back! And not: pay half!”

On the defensive, Mr. Legault argued that it was not part of its financial framework and its electoral programme. It has, however, made the prospect of cuts to come.

“Next year, Hydro-Québec will pay $ 120 million (to its customers), reducing by 1.1 per cent its rates. It is what it is. the promise.”

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